Here you are searching for a website. You have contacted some web designers and they quoted you $3000 dollars for a website. So you head to an online website service to search for a good template to match your website and it’s only ONE-HUNDRED (or a few hundred) DOLLARS! You ask yourself, “but if this is $100, why are web designers charging $3000+?”

Well, I’m here to explain to you the reasons why web designers and developers charge more for a website than online website services such as Google (Domains), Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly.


Seasoned web designers and an online website service both offer great looking websites. The difference is that with an online website service, designs are not as customizable as a custom website. Also, web designers have studied design and know what looks great when it comes to the aesthetics of the website. Furthermore, a web designer creates custom designs that differentiate your website from other websites. So yes, the design is cheap, but that’s all you get.


Business websites should be made with the business in mind. When a designer creates a website, there is a lot of research that goes into it. This is my strategy. I start out by researching how your clients would look at your business. From there, I create a structure of the website called a wireframe. This wireframe is the start of the design of the website. It is what the entire experience of a user is built on.


Good businesses have great selling tools. One of the best selling tools is a website. Websites are very important for every business. They are not only there to guide people to your business (although they can be), they can also be used to persuade people to buy from or do business with your business. A high functioning website is a great lead generator.

Now you understand the reasoning behind website pricing and the importance of building a custom website from a great designer.