You need a graphic designer to create or design your website or maybe a logo. You google “designer in [location].” You come across a great designer with an amazing portfolio. But now what? Where do you go from here?
Today you will learn 2 essential steps to take before hiring a graphic designer. Those are, “Have an Idea of What You Need” and “Be Open to Feedback.”

Have an Idea of What You Need

Hiring a designer creates a relationship between you and the designer. Hiring a freelance designer is perfect for small businesses or entrepreneurs. This relationship is ongoing. It allows you to work with your designer within the scope of your budget.

For new businesses, a designer can create an entire branding package that details the look and feel of the business. You would usually receive a brand guideline, logo, website, and stationery items. Stationery items include letterheads, envelopes, folders, business cards, writing equipment, and the like. It is also safe to say that you may need your business plan available to help the designer better understand your business needs and who your target audience or consumers are. Or at least be ready to answer these questions.

If you have an already established business, this is probably a redesign of something or a new design of something you don’t yet have. In this case, it is best to have your brand guideline ready. If not available (a designer will gladly create one for you), a designer will need detailed information on what your business needs are.

Be Open to Feedback

Many times, a business owner might be struggling with their business’ look. So they do some research and come up with a new idea for a logo or a website. The owner is excited about the new idea and presents the idea to the designer.
Now the designer gives you exactly what you want but more than likely, you’ll get feedback on why the design idea is good and bad. As designers, we’re trained to asses every detail of a design to see why it would or wouldn’t work.

Designers are only trying to help your business succeed. Our feedback is only there for you to have positive results for your business. This back and forth communication is a great way to create a positive and long-lasting relationship with your designer.