S.C. Nash Counseling
S.C. Nash Counseling is a fairly new business. It is an organization that provides quality mental health counseling services to individuals who want to overcome life’s challenges. Their mental health services focus on trauma, depression, and anxiety. S.C. Nash Counseling also offers corporate diversity & inclusion consulting and training.

The Solution

The solution was to create a brand the took what business and consumers had in common. I started with colors. Blue is a color that is used for trust and green for calmness. I used a dark shade of the two colors. I designed a minimal logo and website because counseling is a health service. I needed to create designs that are clean and minimal and incorporated calming imagery and took captured images of the business owner that foster a look of openness.

The Challenge

The organization came to me because they needed a new brand. The organization needed a different target market. This was S.C. Nash Counseling's first brand. The challenge was figuring out how to create a brand that caters to both consumers and businesses. They wanted an image that said, "This is a safe space. This is an open space. You are free to be free."
I'm a freelance brand, web, and graphic designer for hire.

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