The rule of thirds is one of the most used, useful, and easiest compositions. The composition is set up where a frame is split into thirds, vertically and horizontally. The point of this rule is to guide a viewer’s eye within the frame to an interesting subject. This is done by placing objects, that the photographer wants a viewer’s eye to lead to, at an intersecting point (figure 1).

Rule of Thirds Image
Figure 1

This technique is very useful. It is easy to apply to your photography. All you have to do is imagine your camera frame split into thirds. In portrait photography, when shooting a photo, pick an intersecting point and place it on the subject. If shooting in nature, make sure the horizon is placed on the top or bottom line of the thirds.

Having this skill is great and time-saving. You’d save so much time taking a photo correctly in-camera instead of having to crop every photo.
So next time you have a photo session, remember to use the rule of thirds.